How to mark everything in Chat as read?

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The Chat group is showing a red circle with a 1 in it? I am assuming there's an unread chat somewhere. I can't find it and I don't care. I want the circle to be gone. How do I do this?


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AFAIK, it’s there til you read it! Can’t you find it? Also if not there may be a hiccup somewhere! Do you have it if you’re loggin in from a web browser or mobile?
(assuming you’re on the desktop version) try do a logout and login! You should be able to see it otherwise




When you click on that Chat icon, it should take you to one of the chat messages that is unread, and clicking on it will mark it as read and get rid of the icon.  All unread chat messages from should be highlighted in bold.


To stop getting notifications for one of your chat recipients all together, find the name of the chat recipient and click More options > Mute. Only the notifications are turned off, so you still receive messages and an icon appears next to the names of the participants to remind you that the chat has been muted.


If you have too many chats that you do not want to be notified of, click on your Settings (on your Profile, then the Gear icon), click "Notifications", and under "Messages | Chat messages", you can set it to "Off". The only options are "Banner" and "Email", so I can't remember right now whether that gets rid of the red icon, but it is the only setting available that I am aware of.


You can always do a Teams UserVoice submission if it none of those meets your needs (


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yeah, it seems the issue is that he can’t find it hence maybe somethings up
The chat session likely got hidden. Teams will hide previous chats over time.

You can try resetting the Chat-specific Notification settings suggested by Curtis and restarting Teams app.

Yes! This could be it!

I click on it and it doesn't go anywhere. It did once go to a recipient but the circle still didn't go away. If I don't know who was the recipient, I can't mute them.

The mobile app doesn't show any notifications. I have restarted Teams on Windows several times, the machine was rebooted. It seems to be stuck in this state. I have visited every group under Chat.

I wish there was a setting to clear this or a setting to mark everything as read. I will try uservoice to ask for this feature.

Looks like a caching issue or bug rather than a User voice request.

Is there a way to clear the cache?

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When in doubt, Log out of Teams and back in, it does a better job of refreshing than just quit + restart / rebooting. Since you don't show it on the mobile app, most likely this will fix the issue.

That fixed it. Thanks.

Great it worked out for you!

@Curtis Johnstone i was bored so i went down marked everything as unread and now i have 107 messages how do i mark them all as read

@Tony2019  I have the exact same issue. Teams mobile app clear, but cannot get rid of the 1 unread message in desktop app chat. Also tried reboots etc.


I'm convinced it is not hidden somewhere and this is a glitch. I monitor my messages closely and am sure to read my Teams notifications regularly.


Maybe someone messaged me and then deleted it?


It is very frustrating as instinctively I keep navigating to teams only to find there are no messages I need to attend to.

Sign out and sign in did not resolve.

OK, I finally found the problem. A message from 24 June had somehow become unread again.

@Tony2019 just found a solution. You need to click Chat and click Filter. Then you choose to filter Unread items and you will find that mysterious unread item. Attached image for your reference

I had a similar issue with 1 chat message showing as unread.  I logged off and back on and it cleared the notification. Thanks for the info on this chat!

@adam deltinger 


Your response seems to delegitimize the original question.  I find this frustrating, unhelpful, and in a way violates the terms of this message board. 


In the notifications bar, one can read the message; yet Teams wants the user to explicitly click on the message again to show that they've read on it (and so they can show the read receipt).  Nevertheless, I don't want to read the 10 "Thanks" messages I get a second time.  It's a waste of a step.  Therefore, this question is valid.  



Also up at the top you can filter the chat to only show unread.  That will make it easier to find them all.@adam deltinger