How to Manage External Access for Microsoft Teams Consumer Users



Microsoft Teams enterprise users can now communicate with Teams consumer users. That is, if the right settings are in place to allow communication (they’re enabled by default). Communication is straightforward but limited to chat messages. The question is how many people will use external access to connect with Teams consumer users. Time will tell.

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Chatting to other users from a paid for service should be expansive (consumer Teams, Skype, Slack, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger ... bring it on), but not the other way around. That would be a recipe for explosive growth in phishing attacks. I don't believe hackers and other ne'er-do-wells will generally pay for a service to conduct their activities when free options exist e.g. spam email.

Great piece Tony. I have experienced the Skype icon thing as well. Just for the record I'm trying to have the PG update that linked article to make it more clear that DLP works for external access chats (federation), just not personal external access chats. Retention policies works too.