How to look up meeting ID from join URL?

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Hi there,


When user sends me a meeting link and ask to troubleshooting the meeting, then the problem is, how to find correct meeting on TAC (Teams Admin Center).


Has anybody found a way to do lookup for the meeting from: meetup-join/19:meeting_MzhlZjNkuD...

to GUID which then can be found from TAC?


Of course you could always ask the time, but when people are in different time zones. it gets a bit more complicated and finding the meeting GUID would be the most professional way to do it :smile:

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@Petri X It's not easy, and a reasonable request.


You can get it from Graph Powershell as per Get onlineMeeting - Microsoft Graph v1.0 | Microsoft Learn


but you would need to connect to graph powershell using Application Permissions with the OnlineMeetings.Read.All claim,  which is also quite an involved process to set up see Use app-only authentication with the Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK | Microsoft Learn

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suggest open CQD, filter Meeting ID, display conf ID

MS call this "19:meeting_YTM2YThmZABCDxxxxxxxxx@thread.v2" meeting ID, what displaying in TAC is "conf ID"
as no matter what's the end, CQD is inevitable for every Call anaylyze, so I never use code to get it even code maybe faster

Hi @AnqB0VVRJMzsO6zV 

That was actually good idea! I remember I have been able resolve the Conference ID in somewhere, and as soon I read you response I remember that QER.pbit have a search for Meeting ID:



And then I found also from the CQD as well the Help Desk Reports:


Which makes possible the filter based on Meeting ID, and from the results I can find conference but also times:


But in my mind this should be doable on TAC as well.