How to link a specific SharePoint list item in Teams?

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I work on a SharePoint based ticket system that is integrated in Teams.

In email notification the ticket shall open in Teams, not on SharePoint.

I know that I can link directly to my teams room:


How can I open a specific SharePoint item in the underlying list?

If that is not possible, how can I filter the underlying list?


I used the website register for the SharePoint list integration.


Thank's a lot for your support.



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I don’t know how your system works but the files is located I sharepoint, and you could link to a specific sharepoint file! But as I said, you have to be more specific about the setup here!

Regarding filtering, you can filter the list straight up or just create a custom view:

create a new view with your preferred view in sharepoint! Then in the view settings copy the url and add that as a website tab instead


Hi adam,

Thanks for your reply.

I think I was not explicit enough in my question.

How is it possible to create a hyperlink that opens a specific SharePoint list item inside MS Teams?

Indeed, my ticket system is based on SharePoint, but Teams shall be the leading interface for end users:

2019-02-26 08_35_27-Window.png


Hi, did you ever figure this out?

I'm not sure how to put the Item ID in the Teams URL so it opens the item.


@rvtdkpiller @Sascha4711  Hey there- using the sharing link from the list item you can add the list item directly to Teams- but this could create an issue of security because you would have a lot of sharing links out there based on how many items you want to link directly to. 

@rvtdkpiller @Sascha4711 to clarify- the sharing link works in the Add Tab- Website field :)

@Ethan Stern Thank you for responding.

I can get the share link in Sharepoint but not in Teams, it just spins and I also can't add "Website" in a new tab. We are GCC tenant so I'm sure that is it so we'll just have to wait and see when that starts working for us.

Didn't think to click the share link for the item in Teams though so Thanks!

Hi @rvtdkpiller,

Unfortunately I did not made any efforts. In my solution I just open the tab that shows all tickets that need to get attention.



Hey Sascha,
have you found a solution for this problem and can you help me. I have the same case in my solution.

I also have this issue. Using Power Automate, I can link directly to the selected item in the list in SharePoint, but not in Teams.