How to keep personal tab active while switching to other tabs in microsoft teams

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We have embedded an external website as a personal tab in Microsoft Teams. We want to keep the tab active in the background even if the user switches away from the personal tab. How could we achieve this?

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do you mean that the website does not reload if the focus returns to the tab? I think that is not currently possible.

@Andres Gorzelany  Let me give you some more context.

We have loaded an external website (which allows the user to make or recieve phone calls) as a personal tab in MS teams. The issue that we are currently facing is that when the user navigates away from the tab and comes back to the tab, the entire tab is being relaoded. We want to keep the tab active always.
We need to achieve the below 2 points:

1) Keep the personal tab active, even if the user navigates away from the tab.

2) How can the user be notified about the incoming calls, even if the user is not in the personal tab.

I understand, thanks for adding information
I think it is not possible to prevent the reload of the site, but I'll try to dig into this
I've been doing some tests but unfortunately, the website tab always reloads
Thanks for the update.

Is it possible to create a popup window from MS Teams Tab application from the microsoft/teams-js?
I am sorry I do not know if that is possible