How To Hide a Team during a migration

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I am doing a tenant to tenant migration of Teams. During this time, I need to hide the Team Site(s) from the users accessing them on the destination (target) tenant. Subsequently, once we make these sites available to the members on the target site, I will need to hide them from further use on the source (original) tenant. There are to many sites to go through and remove/re-add members at each stage. 


Does anyone have any solutions/suggestions/ideas?



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How are you doing the migration? You could migrate just the content first and then add the users is this is something possible with the migration approach you are following

@Juan Carlos González Martín I am trying to avoid this as adding permissions to over 40 sites after the fact will be a large pain. I am using the Quest On Demand Migration tool for this. It can migrate the site structure and contents without the Team site permissions I am just hoping there is a simpler way to hide it from the users until we are ready to open this up to them. My think is along the lines of being able to hide a mailbox from the GAL in Exchange.