How to get my own meeting history

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Hi all!


Due to an organizational reason, I need to prove the number of meetings that I have attended in a Teams channel. Just like the call history, is there a way to see my meeting history in teams?


As an additional information, all the meetings are scheduled meetings.


Thanks in advance

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@aulugol Hi, your Teams admin (IT administrator) can assist with this as there's no built in end-user view so to speak. So reach out to him/her for a usage report.

@ChristianBergstrom thank you very much, I will try that



When I look in the teams admin portal. I can only see back 28 days. Is that the normal retention?

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@alex11585  The Teams user activity report can go back 90 days.


This will give you a count of the number of meeting for a user for the following meeting types

  • Meetings organized scheduled onetime
  • Meetings organized scheduled recurring
  • Adhoc meetings organized
  • Meetings participated scheduled onetime
  • Meetings participated scheduled recurring
  • Adhoc meetings participated

  • Total meetings participated

The data can be downloaded into Excel and searched. Please note is the Admin has decided to anonymise the reports them you wont be able to search for a specific user this way


@aulugol Just gonna add that the info can be provided by an admin using content search as well.