How to get CDR list from Teams?

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I have urgent need to find users who have had P2P calls or have been participated in a Teams call or have had chat coversations on Teams. Is it really so that we are still blind of those details? So far I have not even seen any promises on coming changes on O365.


In a User Voice there are multiple requests for improving the reports, but with so small votes that Microsoft most likely not even see them. Here are some examples:

- Exportable reporting data
- Generate call reports for Teams meetings
- Teams Meetings Analytics

- Improvements to Teams reports are highly required!!!

- I would like to obtain the Calls and Meetings data via PowerShell

- Call Detail Record (CDR/SMDR) for Teams - Call Accounting

Or is there some instructions what I have not noticed, again? :)


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Go into teams admin center and click on analyzis and reports (something) there you can get an export an activity report showing 1:1 calls, private chat , channel messages etc for every user

Perfect point@adam deltinger  !

That helps with the chats and 1:1 calls!


On the export there is also a "meeting", but that is 0 for all users, so most likely not available.


Other problem is, Microsoft is using again the displayname like it is unique :( Wish they could give e.g. SIP address for that.