How to get a list of UNASSIGNED Teams Phone numbers

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I haven't been able to figure out to get a list of unassigned Teams phone numbers. I am trying to do it with Powershell and I don't see a cmdlet that allows me to do this. We have numerous numbers that have been unassigned from users and I'd like to see what numbers are available for reassignment. If you have a way, I would very much appreciate some help. :) 

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The Get-CsPhoneNumberAssignment should give you the list, you can filter it by PstnAssignmentStatus to get just the ones with "Unassigned".
Thanks for your response. I am not receiving the results I expect when I do as you suggested. I know we have at least 100 numbers that we had in use for a pilot that we ran. The users that had been assigned one of these 100 numbers have been reassigned permanent numbers going forward. I need to get a list of those available numbers. Any suggestions?