How to forward a message in MS Team for Desktop version?

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Dear all,

How to forward a message in MS Team for Desktop version?

It's just on mobile. I do not see it on PC, Laptop.

And MS Team is High CPU, Disk, Memory.

How to reduce it?



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The web snd desktop clients don’t have this feature unfortunately!
Hi @linhhai_nguyen

Not currently available on Desktop. There is a uservoice on it here

Would recommend you vote to push it up the agenda. Would be nice to have parity across the clients

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris

@linhhai_nguyen Forwarding and replying to other messages seems to be possible by copying the sender name and text of the original message and pasting it in the gray area while using the "Quote" feature (see attached pictureForwarding & Replying.png)

Hello @linhhai_nguyen 

You can also forward the message via email by selecting Share to Outlook


As for CPU usage, this post by @Tony Redmond will put it into context for you.






You can also press enter two times to exit the quote.

This uservoice was since about 3 years in the status "we review this feature" and now it looks it got removed.

There is in the meanwhile a new request for that, an it is again on "review".

@MichaelUray Hi everyone am glad to meet you guys, love you bye:stareyes:

Evem on the IOS's mobille the featire does not working.
Incredible, they removed now even the new request for the message forwarding feature in the feedback portal.