How to flip mirror image that others are seeing

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On teams, I am seeing right image but the other person/people on call are seeing mirror image or flipped image. This makes my face look bigger on one side and is cause of constant embarrassment. Zoom and Skype have toggle button to switch how other may be seeing you. 


Please share how I can change how others are viewing my video. I believe this is a basic function and should be there somewhere .


Else, we would have to change the use of teams to zoom for entire organization. 

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@Chris Webb 


Sorry this is from a year ago, but the comment about how your face isn't going to be different. It is.  I have a half paralyzed face and if you don't flip the image the angles of the cameras regardless of your phone or webcam make it stand out.  It is very embarrassing, people focus on it because it.  So please in the future just be aware of what you say, because the original poster has valid feelings and is just looking for an option.  Teams needs to get with the program and allow it the flip. 



The image is an image regardless of what way it's flipped. If you want to come at me with it doesn't help with knowing what way you turn to show the "preferred" side of your face then that makes sense. But no sort of flipping etc. is going to change the pixels of a camera sensor image coming into your video platform.

That said, Teams now has a Mirror option you can turn on in settings while on a call. This will help with the relation of camera to what you are seeing so you know what way to turn (left is left vs Right etc.) It doesn't show the perspective participants see thou, but might be enough to help properly orient what you are trying to accomplish.
I don't see this in the roadmap which means they already released it. However....I don't see this feature in my Teams desktop UI.