How to fix this add to contacts error?

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This happens when adding people to favourites. I can't find any documentation on this. Please advise.

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@Sim00  We had this issue in our office recently and it was indeed tied to the email account being associated with an Exchange account. Once we updated the email to one associated with an Exchange account everything worked.


I know it's probably not much help, especially as you're migrating and it's been months, but perhaps the admin is logging in with a specific admin account that is not connected to Exchange?



@Sim00This happened to me when I added new users with empty mailbox. After sending a test message to the mailbox, it started working.

I managed to replicate that issue and solution on a new user.

@Sim00 We are having the same issue. Have you found a solution for this yet?


Like others in our company, I (even being the Admin) can't add 'buddies' to my favorites. I was able to add come contacts in the past. All contacts are internal and using desktop Teams.

@thoronzy Hi!!!


I had this problem and fix it adding the e-mail address on user object in AD. 

at my compagny we share the same troubles with some users.


This far, the users we cannot add, have some differences in Azure AD, with the ones we can add.


1) On profil, source is "Azure Active Directory" while on the ones we can add "Azure Active Directory (self-service)"

2) On profil, création type is not shown, while on the ones we can add "EmailVerified"


Help is welcome !



exact the same here

From our perspective, this appears to occur wherever the username of the contact being added includes a diacritic mark (an acute, a grave, an umlaut, etc.).  The issue may be one of interconversion in the substrate between ASCII and UTF-8 character sets and a suppressed unhandled exception related to these.

@ have the same issue and cannot correct it.  Also why can't I add a group to the all staff contacts group as we have an allstaff group.  Very frustrating that lots of people have the same issue and yet Microsoft don't seem to do anything about the issue.