how to fix "Recording failed to upload" issue on microsoft teams

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As usual, I have recorded the teams meeting. After the meeting ended, the recording stopped.  But I am unable to open the recording. I am getting an error "Recording failed to upload". 

Kindly let me know how to fix this issue. I need the recording. I have attached a screenshot of the issueTeams issue.PNG.

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I had the same issue and followed your instructions and was able to download the file. Thank you very much!!!

Unfortunately there were also breakout rooms on the same meeting. Any idea how i will be able to download those recordings as well?




Hi George,


The breakout rooms should have their own URLs. I'm guessing that once you have those URLs you could run the same diag test in the admin centre?


Hope this helps!





Hey, Wendy,

Nice to see that you have been resolving everyone's doubts.

Can you please do this for us too? I am a PhD student at Indian Institute of Science, had faced the same problem on 23rd and yet no resolution came.


I am eagerly waiting for a response.


Hi there,

Did your IT Admin work out how to submit a support request through the Office 365 admin centre?
It could also be worth checking with your tutor to see if they have a copy of the lecture for that day?
Best Wishes,