how to fix "Recording failed to upload" issue on microsoft teams

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As usual, I have recorded the teams meeting. After the meeting ended, the recording stopped.  But I am unable to open the recording. I am getting an error "Recording failed to upload". 

Kindly let me know how to fix this issue. I need the recording. I have attached a screenshot of the issueTeams issue.PNG.

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If no downloadable link is being present and it's not in the chat or channel conversation (OneDrive/SharePoint) I suggest that you reach out to your admin (if you're not) and open up an official support ticket with Microsoft.



This happened to one of my users at the same time as you yesterday - there doesn't appear to be any documentation on how to fix this or where the recording might have gone to. Previous experiences with Microsoft support don't give me too much hope of retrieving this recording for my user!


Any help would be gratefully received!

The community has no association with Microsoft support. We’re all just members.. Give the official support another go and have them look for the recording.
I also had this issue yesterday. My admin doesn't know how it can be retrieved.
Hi Christian, I know - sorry if you thought I was having a go at you, especially first thing in the morning :)


Thanks for your reply. I will check with my admin to create a ticket. 

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I have a fix!

  1. in the Office 365 admin centre open the help dialog box
  2. type Diag: Missing Recording in the search bar & return
  3. enter URL & date of meeting in the supplied fields
  4. you'll be given a URL to type into your browser 
  5. the meeting downloads
  6. share to your very happy user via OneDrive
  7. feel very happy indeed!!

That's very good news. And glad to hear that the new Diag support tool in the admin center indeed work for some scenarios like these.


For reference: Self-help diagnostics for Teams administrators - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

Hi @WendyE 


I've just tried the steps you suggested but after step 2 I get this:



I then entered my email in the field shown (I'm both an admin and the user who has a failed recording) and after a minute it just told me that "The user's policy allows cloud recording, and their storage location is OneDrive."


Where did you get the option to enter URL and date of meeting?


I successfully recorded a meeting on Friday so I'm confident I should be able to, I just don't know what went wrong with yesterday's meeting.




apologies, It should say Diag: Missing Recording in the search bar - I'll update my post.
Thanks, I got the form you described now. Unfortunately it can't find a recording for that meeting so I'll need to raise a support ticket.

Just to check, the meeting URL is just the URL behind the 'Join the meeting' link in the calendar invite?
Hi Martin, This happened just now with another user that reported the issue with me & I've aslo raised a support ticket.
I think you're correct with the URL, but I asked the users to right click on the meeting in their Teams calendar & there is an option to copy link.
Have you searched on your OneDrive recycle bin?
I just tried the recycle bin and second stage recycle bin - both are empty. Thanks for the suggestion though

@WendyE I've raised a ticket via our service provider - I'll update this thread with any progress.


I was able to get the URL by opening the meeting request and right clicking on "Click here to join the meeting"




Thanks Martin, I'll also update on here with any progress.
This also happened to me on November 22 (Manila time). :(
Hi All, Thanks for your reply and Support. I got the Teams recording from my Admin.
I got to know that, He has created a support ticket to Microsoft. They provided a link to download the file.
Hi Martin,

Success with Microsoft support!

I don't know what they did but my user was able to download the meeting from the meeting chat yesterday evening.
I hope everyone gets a successful resolution!
Kind Regards,