How to find pictures/screenshots in a chat

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HI All


We use teams chat to share screenshots all the time, but it seems these shared screenshots are not saved in the file tab. It is very difficult to browse through the complete chat history to find them because I cant find a way to filter all the pictures, etc. 


Does anyone know the trick?



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@Jin Chen 


Probably not going to really be what you want, but when you perform a search you can choose More Filters then Has Attachment to find posts with images, links etc.

Thank you very much. How do I choose more filters when I perform search in teams chat?
This is a great exposure of what teams is. There are much better apps but companies seem to fall for Microsoft domain.

I hate that they don’t have a media tab.

That’s why they wanted discord. Is much more optimized and less buggy.

At least try to care and solve this problem. Not even a person came here to help or to assume it’s in fact an issue.

so much frustrated with MS team


daily chat application such as Telegram or Line have photo history thumbnail which its accessibility to find previous bunch of work

it’s so useful function but not with Team


what is the standard of this application design?


most daily apps have won useful and easy to use beyond Team


But this Team is for mostly workplace of education right?


lollllll. So funny how the application was designed  

like to know this too
how to filter picture?

Did you find a way to search photos and screenshots?@Jin Chen 
I can do ctrl+F to find text in that chat but no idea how to search for pictures

@SChakraborty If you know the format of the pics saved on teams chat, you can perform a search on .jpg, and all the messages that contain the .jpg will be displayed. If you use snipping tool, and copy/paste the image, it will not be saved in a .jpg, and still trying to find the solution for this,.

Hello @Jin Chen /Everyone,


I had the same problem before and manage to find my way. On the chat tab of MS Team, ctrl+f and search for [image] , results will give you messages on the history that contains images.


It's a pain we dont have thumbnails and such but this is what Im doing for now and sharing it here seeing there are more people facing the same problem

Thanks a lot for sharing. I will try this. It was really needed.