How to filter a queue based on dimensions or measurement?

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Can Dimensions "CallQueueIdentity" and "TransferredFromCallQueueIdentity" be used to filter the records that arrived on a particular queue..?

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Hi @RomaRR,

yes, dimensions can serve as filters for records in a queue, acting as attributes to filter or group data¹. In the context of Microsoft Teams' Call Quality Dashboard (CQD), dimensions such as "CallQueueIdentity" and "TransferredFromCallQueueIdentity" could potentially be utilized to filter records specific to a particular queue.

It is possible to use query languages like MDX or SQL for dimension-based filtering, while tools like Power BI may use features like slicer data filtering.

Dimensions and measurements - Call Quality Dashboard (CQD) - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Learn

MDX Calculated member filter by dimension attribute - Stack Overflow

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Thanks for the quick reply.
But I have one doubt that these two dimensions("CallQueueIdentity" and "TransferredFromCallQueueIdentity) are not valid dimensions to be used as filters when we apply them for VAAC API.
So do we need to filter the records using "CallQueueIdentity" and "TransferredFromCallQueueIdentity on our end or is there any other way as well?