How to extend Your "Governance Team" with Microsoft Forms in order to request new Teams


In an earlier article, I described how to customize- and use a Microsoft Team in order to get started with Office 365 Governance.

One important part of Governance, regarding Microsoft Teams, is to decide who is responsible for- and able to create new teams. Now many of you are thinking of the fact that you should not have any restrictions on creating new teams and that but all users should be allowed to do that. I can agree with that at the times when organizations are mature for it, but all organisations are not there yet. Many organisations want to control/limit the creation of new teams to a clearly defined and limited number of superusers / administrators.

Thanks to the fact that you can now create Forms in Teams (read more here) and that these forms are stored in the Office 365 Group belonging to the team (and can be administered by the members), you can now easily create an "order function" that can be used when Your users needs to order new teams.

Here is How to do it:

  1. Open Your Office 365 Governance Team
  2. Navigate to the channel for the service "Microsoft Teams"
  3. Create a new Tab (of the type Forms) and give it a name
    1 Create a new Form in the Team.PNG
  4. Customize the Form with the relevant questions (name, owners, purpose, preferred settings etc)
    2 Enter the relevant questions in the form.PNG
  5. Create a new Sway and embedd the form. Publish the Sway on a page on Your intranet.
    3 Embed in a Sway.PNG

That’s it!

This was just some basics. Of course You can add more sophisticated functionality to it and create a flow that sends email alerts to the channel etc. The fantasy is the limit! :)

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