How to ensure Teams launches for logged in users?

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I am trying to ensure that Teams gets launched for users that log into their computers.


We used to have the GPO setting "Don't install Microsoft Teams with new installations or updates of Office" enabled, but have since disabled this as we've finished moving the organization to Teams.


On computers that have an existing installation of Office, Teams does not install when a new user logs in. I have tried to manually run the executable with "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Teams\Update.exe --processStart "Teams.exe" --process-start-args "--user-initiated"" in the Run registry key, but the Teams\Update.exe file doesn't exist.


The Teams Installer is on the machine at C:\Program Files (x86)\Teams Installer, and if I manually run it and install Teams, Teams launches successfully on next login.


How can I get Teams to install on new users logging into a computer?

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@timatlee Hey, see if this script can sort it out.


'Reset the autostart setting in Teams'