How to enable the Teams "new meeting experience" for all users?


I enabled the "new meeting experience" manual on my profile. I like these new features and would like as an IT administrator to enable it for all users in our organisation. Is this possible? I dont want to ask all the users to do it manuel.


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@DreamsatHi, you don't have to worry about that.


  • New experiences are available and users can enable through settings. - Complete
  • Experiences are enabled by default and users can disable through settings. - Late September (previously August)
  • Experiences are enabled by default and user controls are no longer available. - October (previously September)

@ChristianBergstrom Thank you. So I just need to wait a little bit and it will be default at all users.

@Dreamsat Yes. If you have access to Message center you can read about it in detail (MC212453).

Can it be done by PowerShell cause Automatic is not happening on version 14


Hi, don’t know what happened to this one actually. I’m updated but still able to choose. So I suppose the default setting is put on hold. Can’t find the MC post either. No PowerShell command. Once selected it stays there though, at least in my app.

@ChristianBergstrom Do you know if this was ever completed?

Hi, as it’s still an option it’s not completed.

@ChristianBergstrom How do you turn this off at the user level other than just unchecking the box every time you log in. I am definitely not a fan of this feature and prefer the chats be within the app and not a separate pop-out window.

@SCCMGUYCMH Hello, sorry for the late reply. I am not aware of any such config I'm afraid. Especially as this is going to be the default (some day). As you can see from the conversation above I have no idea what happened to the roadmap id or Message center post. It cannot be found and I can't find any other official info about it either. So must have been withdrawn and put on hold.

UGH - Thanks - guess its time to just use the mobile version for meetings


I have some serious problems with the new meeting experience: it doesn't allow me to see the shared screens during the call. Yesterday i could just go in the options and turn it off, but today i noticed the option is not present anymore, I guess they made it a default feature (even though othere colleagues still have the option and the chance to turn it off or on), this is terrible.

@Edoardo777 Agree. I have version (64-bit) and am no longer able to disable the new experience. I guess it is now the current experience. Hopefully they will re-introduce true full screen in some future, newer experience.

Hopefully you're right. Losing the ability to go completely full screen takes away from the immersion of a more personal experience.

I'm extremely displeased with the most recent update to Teams. They broke the true 1:1 full screen function when the "new experience" was introduced. They promised to fix it, and provided a feature to disable the new experience. Well, the full screen never got fixed and now the setting to disable new experience is gone. I'm deeply angered by this. They should at least leave the option to turn off new experience until they've provided a working full screen (like they promised over half a year ago). 

@TyBower  I noticed this, too.  Is there another way to shut off the New Meeting Experience setting?

I encountered a significant flaw in the New Meeting Experience today. I'm already not a fan, because there is no longer a true fullscreen vew (there's a fullscreen menu item, but it's not really full screen), but this is a whole other level of bad. If you use the kebab menu (e.g., to turn on focus and "fullscreen"), and then (perhaps accidentally, or let your cat do it as happened to me) hit the Enter key on the keyboard *****SURPRISE!!!***** you just enabled video!!! This is bad bad bad bad bad! It's okay to have a shortcut key combination (Ctrl-Shift-O) so that I can do that on purpose when I want to, but it should NEVER happen unless I want it to. Thankfully, I was in a meeting where it didn't matter that I showed up in a t-shirt and not really presentable, but it could have been a very important meeting and I could have been much less presentable. THIS HAS TO BE FIXED!!! PLEASE!!! This is a privacy matter. Microsoft you are literally exposing us!