how to enable spell check ms teams desktop software

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hello, how to enable spell check ms teams desktop software ?

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When typing a message Teams will underline mis-spellings, make sure you have an appropriate language set under Settings > General > Language and the check spelling option checked.

@Steven Collier app language and keyboard language english u.s. 



My language (German Switzerland) is missing.

How do you get Teams Tasks module to recommend the correct spelling of the word that is misspelled?  Suggested corrections do not seem to be available via a RMB as it is in most Microsoft applications.

@PFratesi We're observing the same problem with Teams in Windows 10 and Windows 11. At first, it was only affecting the Windows 11 clients, but now it's all Desktop clients.

@Steven1138 We are seeing this issue happening within my company and Ive been looking for solutions to this matter as well.  It seems to be happening with all desktop installs of Teams.



@njtewong We too have been having the same issue for Teams, no ability to right click for spell check nor the ability to paste something into the chat box to share with fellow team members.  Spoke to our IT guys, showed me a temp work around but advised that this is a Microsoft issue and they need to work on a patch.  This has only begun in the last two weeks or so.  

Based on my level of authorization for my organization, I am unable to find out when the last patch was pushed out.