How to enable Pop-Ups inside MS Teams?

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We recently integrated Dynamics 365 Project Operations in our office and of course the most convenient way now to access dynamics on a daily basis is to add it to the Teams App sidebar. I added the Dynamics App for teams (by Microsoft) and when trying to access a project inside our Dynamics instance it asks me to enable pop-ups. I don't know how to enable pop-ups inside MS Teams. Any help?

It says: "To use this view, you must have browser popups enabled. More information"



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This is the upcoming feature in Microsoft Teams it would be rolled out next month. Please find the below link referring to the same.

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The link you posted above no longer works. Is there a timeline on this issue?

@jamesdimonaco It says "In Development" currently and is expected in November 2022. Let's see :)

@Blue2k we have the same issue with a model driven Power App solution that features Microsoft Project for the Web (same as in Project Operations). The announced Teams enhancement seems to be released but tackles a different issue with incoming calls, not the one described by you to start PfW inside a Teams channel. For the time being we added a button to start Project in a separate browser window.



@RealTime_M365 the roadmap item linked to here relates to pop up windows for PSTN calls. The original question was regarding pop ups on Website tabs in a Microsoft Teams channel. Therefore, your answer is not helpful for this issue (the answer is unrelated).

@fredrik_rasch_arva_no I reached to Microsoft Support about this and they said that they know about the problem "for years" as clients have reported it, they have it in the fix backlog but there is not ETA so no one can tell you if it would be fixed soon. They suggest to use MS Teams in browser. :D :D

Did anyone solve this? It's 2024 and I'm getting the error "To use this view, you must have browser popups enabled" when trying to add my Project For The Web inside a Teams channel as a Webpage.