How to display a Resource's meeting details on Poly x50 system

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Hello all, I may not be in the right place for this, but I'm trying all the avenues I can think of.

We have two boardrooms in our Corporate office - the "Oregon Room" and "California Room." Each are setup with a Poly x50 camera/built-in mic and a table touch panel, "TC8" model, and are using the Teams Room platform.

When creating a Teams meeting and inviting either resource room to the meeting (email address removed for privacy reasons or email address removed for privacy reasons), the meeting name, organizer's name and time slot appear on the Oregon Room's TC8 table touch panel and TV the Poly system is hooked up to. However, only the meeting's organizer name and time slot (not meting name) appear on the California Room's touch panel. We want to see the meeting name, too.


I have verified that the setting to "Show meeting names" is enabled on the California Room's touch panel like it is in the Oregon room, but no change. I have also compared all settings I can think of between the resource rooms themselves in Office and not finding the culprit.


California Room touch panel settings:




California Room not showing meeting name:




Oregon Room DOES show the meeting name:



What am I missing? 


Thank you in advance,


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I suspect different calendar processing rules. Try running this on both accounts and compare them.

Get-CalendarProcessing -Identity "Room XYZ" | Format-List

Thank you! I resolved by updating the following to false (True is the default):

AddOrganizerToSubject and DeleteSubject are set to $True