How to Disable Teams Predictive Replies

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How can predictive text and auto replies like this be disabled? In addition to mouse over emotes (which would be nice to disable or put in a button or context menu) this is incredibly annoying that messages are constantly being scanned to predict an auto reply. 



ex. of auto replies / reply/ predictive text / 


When this window is on a side monitor in half of the screen to just keep an eye of it takes up realestate and causes inadvertent replies that were never meant to be sent. This could cause confusion in conversation. Pair that with being over a VPN and high performance on a workstation, the delay that is added makes this happen more often. I rather the option not be there.


Can this be disabled from the Client Side or a O365 Administration Panel? Can this be fixed with a registry change from the client side, or is there documentation that this can be disabled from the organization scope?  

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Hi @CTS4 ,


this can be disabled from the Settings.






Thank you.