How to disable students form muting the mic on a Teams meeting



We have a problem. Some students mute all participants in a Teams meeting just for fun!

How can i disable this option?


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Make them an Attendee instead of Presenter. Only Presenters can mute others.

Thanks @Linus Cansby !

This solves the problem.


@Linus Cansby But what if you want to stop them from talking at all and just want to disable them from talking until you allow them to do so?

no seriously, is there an answer to this?

Answer: You cannot do that, if you disable student from muting them selves, you will violate their confidential rights. There is no way you can do that, because it is against the law. Student can mute themselves whenever they want, even if they are doing it for fun.

Even if there was a way to disable, then student can simply unplug his microphone, or disable it through device manager.

If we do as @Linus Cansby says, the problem is solved.

They can mute their own mic ... not the others.