How to Disable Shared Voicemail

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How do we turn off voicemail for a team and play a final message in a CQ before ending the call?


Here is the CQ flow we are hoping for: 

1. Recorded "Welcome" message plays

2. Hold music plays while ringing agents 30 seconds

3. Recorded "Hold" message plays

4. Hold music plays while ringing agents 45 seconds

5. If no answer -"Final" recorded message plays stating that "we have a high call volume and don't accept voicemails. Please fill out our contact form online."


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@CMAY7008 what you can do is route it to another Auto Attendant that only plays the message and then disconnects the call :grinning_face: 

Thank you so much, @Mitchell Bakker ! This worked perfectly. 

No problem Cassie! I'm glad that i could help

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