How to disable Microsoft Teams to open when Windows starts?

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Hello Members,


I need to know where is the option of disabling Microsoft Teams to open when the Windows starts. I am unable to find that kind of option because it sometimes hangs my laptop on the start.



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One option is to disable it using the Task Manager and the Start tab where you can see what programs are started at the start in your PC

Really? That's our only option? Who's the Teams Product Manager at Microsoft? I want to introduce him to reality, and reality's best friend called efficiency.

:-) do you do with other non-microsoft products that automatically are enabled once you install them on your PC?

I uninstall them :)

And this is exactly what I did with Teams!

@rogmilbut how do you uninstall teams? maybe I should try with some non-ms software.

To stop Teams from launching automatically, click on Start / Settings / Apps / StartupTurn off Microsoft Teams.