How To Disable LinkedIn Integration In Microsoft Teams And Office 365

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This Microsoft Teams tutorial will demonstrate how to disable LinkedIn Integration in Microsoft Teams and Office 365. This feature was added to Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 several months ago and if enabled, allows users to connect their Microsoft account to their LinkedIn account so that they can display their LinkedIn profile in Teams and other Office apps such as Outlook. Unfortunately, the LinkedIn Tabs in Outlook and Teams cannot be disabled (based on my research) however, Microsoft Admins can disable the ability for users to connect their profiles.

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 @RealTime_M365  As of this posting, you can sign into your LinkedIn account and go to your Me icon and choose  Settings and Privacy. Select the Visibility option on the left-side menu.  Then in the "Visiblity of your profile & network section", choose the "Profile discovery and visibility off LinkedIn" option.  Make sure the switch is off.