How to develop Microsoft Teams app for “App Bar and home screen”

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I would like to create an application for Microsoft Teams but I don't understand what capability I have to exploit. I would like the application to be called up from the application bar and opened to full screen. The same behavior that occurs for the "App Studio" application. I need to bring something that is not accessible, either by chat or tea; the app should manage a flow in a personal window.

I looked at the manifest definition document but found nothing.

I would like to replicate the application behavior like AppStudio or Microsoft Planner, to name a few. For example App StudioApp Studio


A possible alternative, could be to insert a button in the chats and open a popup with the configuration page. I saw this behavior for the AzureDevOps extension. Unfortunately this also seems to be a capability not available. Azure DevOpsAzure DevOps


Do you have any idea how to do it?

Thanks a lot

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You can achieve this by implementing the “staticTabs” property of the manifest, and setting its “scope” to “personal”.

Rick Van Rousselt has a nice getting started series that also might help you out:

You might find some useful information in a series of posts I did: