How to delete the error message.

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I have a question about "Teams".

I'm using Teams with a touch panel product called "Logitech Tap", but the following message appears on the screen before login.

" The room display is not connected. Please reconnect for more convenience."

In addition, the following message will appear on the screen after login.

" Either or both monitors are not connected. "

What should I do to prevent the message from appearing?

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The room display is the screen you have at the front of the room. Is it being powered off or maybe it's not capable of being powered on and off from the Logitech device?


Teams Room devices (like the Logitech) will stop sending a signal to the front of room display and expect it to power down, then expect it to power up when a signal is sent again. This works for most business grade displays, but isn't the case on many consumer grade TVs.


Some TVs will support a difference mechanism called HDMI CEC, where a signal is sent to tell the screen to power up or down. Teams Rooms won't send this natively, but they do support Crestron and Extron device that send CEC when the signal isn't there. See Microsoft Teams Rooms maintenance and operations - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs


Sounds like whatever type of front of room display you have isn't responding to wake up when the Teams Room is requesting it, hence the error. 

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Thank you very much for your help.
It was solved safely.

You could also add a EDID emulator to the screen, so the Microsoft Teams Room thinks there is always a signal. Crestron for example include these in their Windows based kits. Example here

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Thank you for the other day.


I made it possible to receive HDMI CEC in the TV settings, but the error message was still displayed.

Is there any other solution?

@reboot311 As I said before, Teams Rooms will not send HDMI CEC naively, they expect a business grade display that powers on/off when a signal is sent or removed. To use CEC you will need one of the adapters I mentioned before.

Thank you for your reply.
I introduced it around February 2021, but no message came out at that time.
However, it has suddenly started to appear in the last two months.
Is there a possible cause other than the presence or absence of the adapter?