How to cut and paste selected text in a numbered list?

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I have MS Teams (latest version, updates are done automatically) on Windows 10, and I use the desktop app.


In the MS Teams wiki I made a numbered list under a header. I wrote 4 lines of text, selected it, then chose the numbered list formatting button. But when I selected 2 list items by dragging my cursor over them, I cannot delete the text using BACKSPACE, DELETE key, or use CTL-X to cut it. 


Can this functionality be added? Thank you.


EDIT: This seems to be an intermittent problem. The DELETE key worked this time when I selected text with my mouse.


Ok the problem is I see no indicator to tell me if I'm in edit mode for this section of the wiki page or not. If I'm in edit mode the DELETE key seems to work.

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Yes, you can only edit one section a time and only one person edit it at a time. Would consider using OneNote instead of the wiki


Add a OneNote notebook to Teams (


A few reasons

  • You can collaborate on OneNote together in real time
  • You can work on OneNote outside of teams
  • You can fully search OneNote
  • OneNote has richer features
  • If you accidentally delete it, it can be easily recovered

The limitations in the wiki have long been known, and despite the many feature requests on uservoice and now feedback (wiki · Community ( it has not improved. Many people now use OneNote in place of the wiki


If you feel strongly about it, you could always add clear edit view to the feedback site, and I'd imagine it would probably get a few votes on it: visual indicators are important, Lists for example has grid view which works well


Hope that answers your question


Best, Chris