How to crop video of recorded Teams meeting to remove attendees?

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I want to share videos of recorded Teams meetings for training purposes, but I need to remove the attendees.  Can anyone tell me an easy way to crop this information out of the videos without expensive editing software?

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Hi, you cannot crop a Teams / Stream video natively I'm afraid.  You can only trim it as per -


I was able to crop my recorded Teams meeting presentations using Adobe Premier Pro 2020.  I think there are some free or low-cost video editing programs that will also allow cropping.  I will post about it I find one that works well.


Someone told me that there is a setting in Teams that prevents recording the attendees.  That would be a good solution, and I will look for that.  If not, it would a good feature to add, or add cropping to the current editing tools in Stream.

I have been trying to find the setting that does not record attendees. I wonder if there was ever a solution for this.


Not that I could find.  I ended up getting a friend who does video editing to help me edit my Teams meeting with Adobe Premiere Pro video editing software.  He helped me to crop out the attendees and resize the presentation portion of the video.  He told me that there was a free video editing software that is available to download that has much of the same features as profession editing software like Premier Pro, but I haven't had a need for it since.