How to create teams to attendee join about 5000

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I can create teams meeting (instead use webinar) then attendee join can over 1000 and to 5000 ? actualy Microsoft Teams meeting the same feature webinar ? webinar only have more registration feature ?

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As long as you have the corresponding SKU, you can enable the meeting overflow setting as detailed here:
There's nothing you need to configure on a per-meeting basis, if that's what you are asking.
Our tenant we have some license M365-E3 , So only need tenant have a license M365-E3 then can use "Teams view-only meeting experience" ? owner create team meeting need assign this license ? and attendee/presenter then only need E1 ? and create create teams meeting (no need use webinar) ?
That's the idea, yes. Whether you need to use webinar is up to you.