How to create Teams meeting only allow organization join

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How to create Teams meeting only allow organization join , all Guest will auto deny (not allow join and waiting lobby admin)

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You can control anonymous join as detailed here:
For internal/Guest users, you have to rely on the Lobby options for now. You can also toggle the "Allow forwarding" option to prevent people from distributing the link, although that doesn't prevent them from copy/pasting it around.

@Vasil Michev this option prevent all guest join meeting ?


If allow this then Guest can join meeting but owner must click admit ?

You can configure in a quite granulare way how attendees, including guests, can join a meeting. To configure those settings make use of Teams policies possibilities

@thanhtien19 Hi, let me add to the conversation some information that might be easier to understand.


First you need to take the different user types into consideration. You have 1) Anonymous users 2) Federated users 3) Guest users 4) Org. users and then decide, with the use of lobby options, how you want to allow them automatically or not. You can see your options here Change participant settings for a Teams meeting (


Anonymous users are simply not signed in to any Teams account or not using an account in M365 or a Microsoft account. So the toggle you are asking about is not about guest users them self. Well, it could be if they are not signed in to their account (being anonymous).


Federated users are configured under "External access" in Teams.


Guest users are added to your organizations Azure AD.


Org. users are your own users in Azure AD.


So, if or when you toggle it off you will only allow "trusted users" in some form being signed in, and not just anyone clicking on the link. When toggled on you allow just anyone to click on the link and join your meetings, but for the automatically join to happen you would also then have to set the lobby option to "Everyone" and an authenticated user must have joined as well. All other lobby options will put that anonymous user in the lobby using the above scenario.


The previous replies are also pointing to meeting policies which can be used to set the default desired settings. There's even a new where you can control it per organizer with AllowAnonymousUsersToJoinMeeting Set-CsTeamsMeetingPolicy (SkypeForBusiness) | Microsoft Docs


Finally, to answer your question you would use the lobby option "People in my organization" to make everybody else wait in the lobby, including guests and other externals.


I hope this makes things more clear.

@ChristianJBergstrom : I mean how to prevent Guest to lobby. is deny before join meeting to can not see in lobby



Hi, I am not sure what you're saying, but if you don't want this behavior where anyone can type in any name, then you need to toggle of anonymous join (or use the above PowerShell).