How to Create Tasks from Teams Chats and Channel Conversations


A new feature allows Teams users to create tasks from personal chats and channel conversations. Tasks from chats are personal while those created from channel conversations can be personal or go into a Planner plan. Although you might like the tasks to be populated more fully, the overall implementation is a nice addition to the Microsoft 365 tasks system.

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Great stuff, @Tony Redmond thanks for sharing.

@Tony, would you happen to have heard about any plans to enable a similar capability from Outlook?

@Ryan McKinney  Do you mean making a task from an email? You can drag an email from the inbox to the tasks icon (right-drag if you want a choice to bring a full copy of the email).

Or create a QuickStep button (top centre on the Home ribbon) - "Create a Task with Attachment" is the choice - may I suggest a second step in your QuickStep to "mark as read" too.


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