How to create language specific team using powershell ?

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We have to create 100+ team with different language like Chinese, Germany, Dutch, Japanese, English etc, however 80% of team will be used in english.

We have the CSV list of proposed team and their language information. We want to create team depending  on language.


What is the best approach for this and how can we do using PowerShell?




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I suppose you can create the M365 Groups first (you can specify a language there) and team-ify them later. More robust option is to use the templates functionality, as explained for example here:
Best option is to use Graph API, if you are familiar with it.
I visited the url suggested by you and also understand the new template functionality. I used getGet-CsTeamTemplateList functionality, it is showing all the existing but following first two templates are not appearing.

I am not sure why they are not appearing. To extract the properties of source template I need to run following command

Get-CsTeamTemplate -OdataId "/api/teamtemplates/v1.0/d84de63f-26bb-4c8e-a438-fa5b99ac5c5a/Tenant/en-US" > Template.json

I need this odataid d84de63f-26bb-4c8e-a438-fa5b99ac5c5a of my tenant. Is there any other way to get or Am I missing anything?

Secondly you recommended better to use GraphAPI, can you suggest some url?


The list of templates might be different, depending on the type of tenant you have. It will also list templates your organization created, as in the case of the template you are trying to use above (it's a template Tony created for his own tenant).

You can always create a new one from scratch and set the required properties/resources, including language.

Here's also the Graph reference:
Thanks, I just changed the templare as STS#0, it is working as expected.