How to create FAQ tab?

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we are setting up a O365-support team in MS Teams in my organization where new users to MS Teams, etc can ask questions directly to a group of super users. We'd also like to create an easily available tab in the Team where team members can see Questions and Answers. I know I can use Onenote and Wiki for this purpose, but I am wondering if there is a better format that can be used. For example, I see that the T-bot has a "FAQ" tab which looks nice: The questions are all listed and when pressing a question the related answer is shown below it. Is there a feature in Teams which helps me set up a custom tab structured in the same way?






Thanks in advance for any help.

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The way of having a feature similar to the FAQ section you have in T-BOT should be a FAQ Tab but you need a third pary (or maybe yourself) to build it...I have reviewed in the Developer Preview of Teams is there is a FAQ Tab, and for now there is not
Hi Simen, Were able to get an answer to your question ?
Hi all,

Another route is to use the new Yammer Q & A and then add the Yammer tab to Teams

Hope that helps

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard Thanks Chris.  We were looking forward to use Teams as a tool for Query Management (under KM Function).  Would appreciate if you can share any further information wrt this. Thank you 

Ok no problem. What would you like to know?

Best, Chris

@Christopher HoardI am also interested in learning about how to use this feature. Do you know if you have to set up a specific topic or group first in Yammer, to then pull into the Teams Tab? Trying to figure out how to test it out for a customer.   


And with the news of Communities in Yammer, what does this mean for this?

Hi Bill,

Yammer groups are being renamed communities. The functionality is the same, but this is part of the Yammer rebrand and continued integration into the 365 stack.

At the moment, the way would be to create a group in Yammer and pull it through as a Tab in a Team. Currently you can't have a single Office 365 group with both Teams and Yammer because either one or the other is used for the chat function within the Office 365 Group (this is by design you either create an Office 365 group via Teams or a Yammer connected Office 365 group via Yammer). When the new Teams-Yammer integration is out you'll be able to pin the Yammer app to the left rail/app bar so you could access all your Yammer communities there.

Hope that helps!

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard You can create a Wiki Tab and rename it as FAQ