How to create a teams template with site template (webparts etc)

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I want to create a ”Microsoft Teams” -template that provisions team related settings and related site collection items (documents, web parts, and so on). As far I am aware this is not possible. Teams template does not create a site collection, and it is not possible to create a new team using the site template.


Would the best idea be to create a site model and request that users first use this template to create team site and then use this new team site as to create team? 


Any ideas?

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Certainly this is something that is not provided Today with the Teams templates. One of the options you have here is to apply a PnP template once you "detect" a Team has being created. The other option is to provide your custom Teams creation utility that allows to provision Teams customized in the way you want and also customize the SPO site linked to each Team provisioned