How to create a report on Approvals status?

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hi, My team are using the Approvals feature heavily now but it's very difficult to get any reporting out of it. I've setup a custom template so that users can create an approval within the Posts page of my channel, and typically each approval is assigned to 5-6 people. While each approver gets automatically notified and can see each of their individual approvals in the Approvals app in Teams, I cant see anyway to get a summary report of the status of all approvals raised within the channel/Posts so I can check who's approvals are sill outstanding. Any ideas on how to solve this? I've looked at the export option in Approvals but this doesn't tell me the status of the request for each approver 

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Same here, I found out all the info of the approvals on dataverse tables except the "Assigned To:" email. I've searched all the tables but didn't foud the approver info...