How to convince customer while they are not ready for Teams adoption?

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I was wondering if you could help me for the following scenario:


Customer is using their own legacy application for the chat that they are very comfortable with and they are not ready to adopt the Teams as it would involve their employees to learn completely new technology for which they are not ready at all.


How one can convince such rigid customer to adopt Teams and it's transition without investing more time, efforts and money? What stratagy you can apply if you have 30 minutes to share your points/thoughts on the same?



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Hello @Dave8465   I'm going to tag some of our superstar MVPs to see if they can offer their talking points: @Chris Webb @adam deltinger @Linus Cansby @Steven Collier 

@Dave8465 Pursue another customer.


The benefit of Teams is best stated as being one unified tool for every conversation, meeting, file, tasks, apps etc. that is auto-filed, everything is in the relevant Team on any device. In general other tools tend to do just one thing, and their users will be switching tool and losing context as they work.


I would imagine this is the opinion of some particular person in their organisation, who might have a vested interest having defined the existing system, what do the real users think of it? Come back and try again when they leave.


Find the way they do work today and create a scenario how to do this better and more efficient with Teams. Find an show the things that makes Teams better for chat than their current tool in a subtle way :)
Don’t talk about Teams as a product, don’t show fancy slides and features. They need to see and connect to it from the perspective of their day to day job and workflow...

Just some hints...