How to Control Sending Email to Teams Channels


If allowed by your organization, you can send email to a Teams channel. Teams uses the email to start a new conversation and this is a great way to get a debate going about something which first appears in email. Managing the Teams email integration features isn’t hard. You can define domains to accept email from and enable or disable the feature. After that, it’s up to team members to use the capability. Hopefully, they’ll resist the temptation to remove email addresses from channels, which is something which should be limited to team owners.

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@Tony Redmond It might also be worth noting that if a company uses Information Barriers to limit the ability of groups to talk in the same team, this doesn't apply to emails sent to the channel email address. You can have a message appear in the channel attributed to a user from a blocked segment.


IBs are a niche solution for heavily regulated industries, but I've been having fun finding scenarios where it doesn't quite work as expected (also looking at you, private channels).

Very true. IB don't work because the message comes in through the connector....