How to configure meeting room capacity notifications on Teams Rooms Device ?

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Teams Room Device for Windows has meeting room capacity notifications by What’s New in Microsoft Teams | December 2021 - Microsoft Tech Community
But there are no documentation how to configure this function.

Dose anyone know it ?

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You configure it by setting the value of the ResourceCapacity property for the corresponding room mailbox in Exchange:

Set-Mailbox "Device 1" -ResourceCapacity 10
Thank you for your quick response. I will check the configuration. Thanks.

@Vasil Michev sorry to bring this old topic up again. But I just found this via google.
Unfortunatly your reply does not really answers the OPs question.
The questions was how the capacity notfications can be configured (turned on or off) and not how the capacity of the ressource mailbox can be changed.
Can you help with that?

seems like a semi old Message but Still havent been able to find any info on how to change this. I have only been able to find how to turn it on and off.

You can enable and disable room capacity notifications in the Teams Admin Center. Go to Teams devices, find and select the room device in question, use the ... ellipsis menu to select Actions, Edit Settings. Expand Meetings and toggle the 'Enable room capacity notifications' slider button. There are more details here:
I do Realize that, however I want to customize the message. Not turn it off.

Hi @Tim Read, I found how to modify the option from the Teams Admin Center (Teams Device > Edit the settings)

But does a PowerShell cmdlet exist to do it massively ? 

We received a request to modify around 200 meeting teams rooms and I really don't want to modify the option one by one.

I have a premier support case opened with Microsoft since Nov 23 about mass updating rooms to turn this notification off and to stop it applying to any new rooms that are created. They have been next to useless in helping me achieve this.

Why isnt it just a powershell command within the Teams powershell cmdlets?