How to clear hundreds of unread activity messages

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So, I come back from 10 days of vacation (I know, right?!) and I have pages and pages of unread activity messages in my Teams Activity feed. I can either (a) spend an hour clicking each one individually, or (b) try to ignore them into perpetuity. 


Neither option seems palatable to me, as I can't seem to find any option that can clear everything in all of the feeds.  I've looked high and low in menus and can find no such action. I even cleared the whole Teams cache folder - no joy.


Is there no solution to this problem, or do I have to spend significant company time clicking my mouse button?

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As far as I know, and after a quick search, there is no obvious hack or shortcut that will achieve this I'm afraid. I stand to be corrected but I believe you will need to clear them one by one.
I am working on a PowerShell script to clear all notifications, you can take a look at it here