How to change notification text when bot sends an adaptive card in Microsoft Teams?

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Hi All,


We are sending adaptive cards to bot window of end users.

The notification pop up showing "Sent a card".


We would like to update it with custom message. We are using C# to build the application.

Please refer below snippet, where we tried the "Summary" property. But it did not fix our issue.


var connectorClient = new ConnectorClient(new Uri(serviceUrl), credentials);
var response = MessageFactory.Attachment(new List<Attachment>() { GetCardAttachment() });
response.Summary = "Custom Message";
await connectorClient.Conversations.SendToConversationAsync(conversationId, (Activity)response);


Kindly suggest how to update the notification message. 

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In browser am getting the customised message. but in MS Teams, it is not showing the message.

I have the same issue - also we've used 'Summary' previously and that worked fine. Although some time ago it just stopped. 


I guess something has changed in client / backend? The summary is shown correctly in teams window but when notification comes and gets displayed in the corner - it again reverts back to 'Send a card'


Can you please advise what can be done? Seems like summary filed is either no longer properly respected.