How to broadcast a message but prevent replies

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I know how to send a message out to the members of a channel, however, is it possible to broadcast a message but prevent users from replying to that message?



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I guess I'm unclear why you would post a message into a channel, but not want the team members to be able to collaborate with you on it. Can you clarify what your goal is?

@Paul Husted I want to create a channel for our User groups where we can send out announcements, new processes, updated template documents for these processes etc rather than email. There are other channels where there would be collaboration involved, but for some communications I would want it one way


Pretty sure you can't, you could create a modern comms site & add it as a tab in the channel.


@Amardeep Sanghera Bhatt use the general channel in your Team, and configure it so only your admins are allowed to post. Then your users will receive messages and not be able to reply in this channel. All your member are automatically following this channel so will receive your updates in their activity views.


You control this setting for your Team under Manage Team … Settings



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