How to block external screen sharing in Teams


We have a requirement to disable external screen sharing in Teams for set of users. they should have option to share the screen with set of users with in org.


Any options pls?

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This option can only be set to either enabled or disabled! You can have a subset of users have it set to enabled and some don’t!

There’s no options for have it enabled for some and restrict it for others


@adam deltinger  Yes, your right. There is no direct option to achieve this from admin portal.


I am trying to see if any other options to achieve this, like setting some controls at endpoint side or network side.


I am sure many of them have this requirement 

im only 12 years what kind of thing is this


Have same question as yourself. I believe the controls are only applicable to who initiates the screen share, not who is the recipient of the screen share. Seems like a obvious requirement to me to make the policy flex dependant on the participants type (internal only can be most permissive, guest less so and external participants least privilege).


Someone please correct me if I am mistaken :)