How to automatically record Teams meetings?

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Hi Community!

I've read the following recently updated guide to recording Teams meetings:


However, there seem to be no settings to automatically enable recording for all calls.

Is this possible? If not, is there a work-around via powershell to enable this? 


My organization is a regulated financial and all calls must be recorded for compliance reasons.

We would prefer that end-users are not given the choice to record or not. It should just happen automatically for all calls.

Thank you - Al

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AFAIK there is no such option, I’m afraid


Hi Allen,


At present, there are no settings to automatically enable recording for all calls within Teams itself or on Microsoft's Phone System: people do want it and its been raised several times on User Voice at


However, there are third party solutions out there such as Audiocodes SmartTap 360 if you use Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams which may do what you need.


Direct Routing 


Audiocodes SmartTap 360


Hope that helps to answer your questions


Best, Chris

Agree here, such an option does not exist for Teams Meetings as it happens in Skype For Business
HI Allen,

Did you manage to find a solution to your problem? Chris is right, you can use an SBC like AudioCodes to solve the problem, or you can use a CSP that provides a Teams Direct Routing Service if you don't want the cost/headache of managing that SBC yourself.

Call recording is just done upstream of the SBC or on the SBC itself. We do the same and hold the recordings for 5 (Mifid ii) years.

I would expand this a bit, since I see a need for two kinds of automatic recording.  One is regulatory, with no opt-out allowed.  The other is a default setting - per tenant, user or meeting - that auto-starts the recording *but* that a user could still stop the recording.


@Ian Caldwell, MSc 


Is there any default setting to auto start the recording;




Keeping this topic alive as it really should be on the road map for future development. Definitely a missing feature to at least have a user activated option in settings


Im not looking for recording on phone calls but definitely within meetings.

On the join screen for organizer atleast where you have the option to enable mic or cam before clicking join, should also be a recording toggle as well. if enabled it starts recording as soon as join is established. if disabled you would have to go the normal route by using the 3 dot menu once in the meeting.




Meeting recording into Stream exists to create a copy that can be shared with people who didn't attend, it's not really suitable for compliance recording. Microsoft do now allow third parties to provide compliance recording, most of the big companies that might provide compliance for regular calls will also now support Teams meetings or calls as well. e.g. Verint, Verba etc.


@Ian Caldwell, MSc - want to make a slightly different able to set automatic recording in the meeting invitation.  We have meetings that we want to record and others that we don't.  I think it would be good to allow a setting when creating the meeting invitation that notes/selects whether you want to record the meeting or not.  I understand that others may also need all meetings to be recorded.  These should all be options.

I'd like this option too. I teach remote classes and the ability to tick to have the sessions auto record, when setting up teaching appointments would be really useful. I've lost count of the amount of sessions I've forgotten to start a recording on - I've resorted to a post-it note on the camera for now!

Hi @Christopher Hoard 


If I understand correctly the SBC role and how Audiocode can record audio, it will only allows call recording from sip calling but not for cloud calling ? (teams to teams with guest invitations)

or does the SBC is able to intercept any kind of incoming or outgoing calls ?


thanks for your information !


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W@Allen Frasier 


My business would use this feature, too. Both as a policy/meetings setting for admins to set and as an option when sending meeting invitations.


@ThomasinaCI agree with this whole-heartedly. Trying to remember to record is a cognitive load issue that doesn't seem like a big deal--but it is. This has been one of the most frustrating things about moving from a service that allowed automated recordings to Teams as someone teaching remotely.


This would be very useful for my organization and many others but AFAIK this is still not possible. I'd ask all those interested to upvote the topic on the uservoice so this makes it to development for Teams.