How to automate the firmware update of Teams Rooms



When I got a repeated task I always look for a way how to automate it. 

Recently we've implemented Teams Rooms on Android and often I am asked to update the firmware from the Teams Management console. 

When I go to the Teams Rooms on Android, at each device I can see the "Non-urgent task" comment under the health of each device. When I click that, I am able to update the firmware and software (Teams App). I am also able to schedule it and choose "Firmware auto-update" which seems not to work. At least when I set it to "as soon as available" I haven't seen any difference. It still doesn't update automatically. By the way, the GUI is not very responsive to those options, so I am not even sure the setting has been saved. 


Can you tell me if there is any other way to:

  1. check the status of the meeting room and see if there are any updates waiting?
  2. each time there is a new firmware/software update do this automatically (or at least schedule it automatically)?

Any tips and tricks from the PowerShell area or Logic App/Power Automate?

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If this is a canned implementation of Teams room then I believe that the devices should be automatically updating themselves. If you done anything to "manage" the computer, then you possibly broke the process.
Finally, I made it with a great piece of patience :) Pushing updates every evening.
I have raised a ticket at Microsoft and the only help I got was "can you make an update and give us feedback if you succeeded?"
Come on! This is not the best service experience.
There is no other way today I'm afraid. The current method behind TAC for auto updates is that it is current -1 which is also rolled out. So, you have to manually update if you want the latest on all devices.