How to Apply an Auto-Label Retention Policy for Teams Meeting Recordings



Teams meeting recordings are now accumulating as MP4 files in OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online. If you have Office 365 E5 licenses, you can use an auto-label policy to remove recordings after a set period. If you don’t have those licenses and need to remove recordings, you’ll have to come up with another plan, maybe after tracking the creation of recordings through the Office 365 audit log.

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Hi Tony, what happened to the plan for automatic meeting recording deletion after 60 days? (the default value configurable up to a year).


I read it here long time ago.


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It seems like the original plan outlined at Ignite changed... perhaps because auto-labeling needs Office 365 E5 and not every tenant has these licenses.
Which also proves that you shouldn't believe everything you hear about at a conference until it's delivered and available in your tenant.
What made me wonder was the "TMR default expiration for all SKUs 60 days".
That's listed as a future (originally H1 CY21). It hasn't been delivered yet. We'll see.

@Tony Redmond Fair enough, see it in our tenant right now actually. Not configurable though.



Settings often turn up well before any functionality appears. It's needed for tenants running test software.
I know, just wanted to show the setting. Nice talking to you, have a nice day!
No worries. I've updated the text.