How to add shared calendar to Microsoft Teams channel 📅



In this video tutorial, we’ll see how to add a shared calendar to #MicrosoftTeams channel.

I’ll show you how you can take advantage by using the Channel Calendar app available in the Teams app store in order to share the calendar with your team and use one place for your team events, all members except guests can add events to the calendar and view event details.

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Is this supposed to be out yet?
so no way of sharing it with Guests?
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Hello, no guests won't be able to view the calendar (so they'll need to be invited directly). But you can instead use a SharePoint calendar web part that guests can see.


Found this for more guidance on how to do it How to: adding the new Channel Calendar to team channel – Vesa Nopanen – My Teams & Microsoft 365 Da...

@ChristianJBergstrom thanks 


so have done that - that means guests in teams (who are members in sharepoint) can then see the calendar but not then add their own meetings etc right? just see it and then add a meeting that's there to their own calendar right ?


Yes, they can only view the calendar.
Will shared calendar be available for private channel soon ?
It's possible to choose a channel when creating a meeting from the personnal calendar.
What would be great (mandatory ?), is to be able to add / remove channels the same way we can add / remove attendee !!!

Is it possible to view and edit this Teams shared calendar in Outlook and in other apps having access to Outlook calendars?

m365 groups created from Teams are hidden in Outlook by default.
The good things to do is to create the group first in the admin center, then to add it in Teams.
The only way to unhide the group in Outlook if you created it in Teams is through PowerShell :
Thanks for sharing!
One thing we found recently is: we can delete the meeting entry in OWA (my calendar) or Outlook Windows client (my calendar) though it's created by other member in a Channel calendar, so the meeting entry became Canceled or missing to members in the channel.

@gmissonnier  I converted my Outlook Group to a team but in the team member list, I can only see myself. Any clue?

EDIT : problem fixed, the other members appeared today...

So , for this Team, do I add a calendar in Microsoft Teams or in Outlook PC app?

Hi is there a way to add an entry into the channel calendar without it adding a comment into the general channel?

We want people to use the calendar but don't need to know they have added an entry. 



@Giuliano De Luca How do I turn off notifications from a Teams Channel calendar? We use it for capturing leave, and some team members don't want to receive a notification every time someone enters leave on the Channel calendar. Thanks!

Hi guys - can you add the Channel Calendar App to a Shared Channel?
Not sure if its just a bug, but it looks like it tries to add it, but then the calendar tab disappears.

Anyone else experiencing the same?

@Rakesh Chauhan We're having the same issue. 

@sabrina_m - fyi - we raised this with MS and they said:


there is no fix or ETA on a fix currently and there is an internal ticket raised for this issue and the product team is working on a fix but not on the top of a to do list

Thanks for sharing with us this info

@Giuliano De Luca Is this expected to only work through teams?  If I add an event or appointment in the group calendar in Outlook or outlook on the web it does not show up in the calendar tab in teams.