How to add more +1 content to the queue of a live event?

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Good day, I would appreciate knowing if more than one content can be kept at the same time in the queue of the producer (EJ: a ppt, a chrome, a word, etc). 
So far it only allows me to choose only one at a time. I appreciate your feedback. Cheers.-





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@Minsler  This is totally possible you need to open your PPT, Word, Chrome, and any other files you want to present it will take few seconds to show up there and then you should be able to select the program you want to present, also if for some reason you are not seeing them during the live event try to open all those files beforehand since this is the regular expected behavior even regular Teams calls give you those programs windows to be presented/shared.


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@Pervaiz Dostiyar If I see several apps from which I can only choose 1.

but my question is if I can add more than 1 app?

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That is not possible since by design you can only select and share one program at a time but as a work around you could resize these 2-3 programs to your screen and then share the whole screen I am sure that will not achieve what you are trying to do but that option you are looking for it not even on the Microsoft Roadmap sharing more then one program during live event or even in regular calls.

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@Pervaiz Dostiyar i honestly hope it is something MS will add to their roadmap, in my eyes thats a vital feature for a live event or at least a way to avoid a presenter from sharing and taking over the live screen, without any action from the producer. 

I agree that having the slides resized / Minimized and sharing your full screen, is an option and goes well if you have a video feed at the same time, to take over while you swap program/slide.  however if  you do not have a video feed, it is missing some sort of "pause" screen, while you change program, to avoid the viewers seeing you fiddling around with them.